About Freestar Healthcare Staffing

About Freestar Healthcare Staffing

Freestar Healthcare Staffing Inc, is a rapidly growing staffing company in Eastern SD, and quickly rising in the Western half of the state. We strive on delivering the best health care and knowledge possible in the facilities we inquire on. We offer our team ongoing education when available,  and complete a comprehensive screening and interviewing process to provide the most compassionate and caring nursing staff to your facility. We provide drug screening and CPR certification classes to our staff- as well as the general public in the surrounding communities.

Why we do What we Do

We all know that nursing is a very demanding job. We also know that a smile makes it all worth while and that's why we do what we do!

Providing the best nurses to the best facilities

Alex Panerio  CNA

Freestar healthcare staffing has been great to work for! They allow me to set my own work schedule so I am still able to focus on nursing school. I get to choose where and when I work with great pay! They truly have the best staff and stand behind their employees!

Kagee Lauseng, LPN

Freestar is an amazing company for!!!! They work extremely hard to assure that you will have a great experience with Traveling to facilities. Constantly going above and beyond to make sure we as employees are taken care of. I've been with the company almost 2 years and can honestly tell you THEY have treated me like Family. My bosses are amazing people and I'm extremely appreciative that they allowed me to be part of their team!!!!