Freestar Healthcare Staffing is a family owned, family oriented Company based in Watertown SD. We care deeply about our Client’s needs, but truly have a foundation for compassion with the elderly/disabled nursing care business. As owners, if we can sponsor an event, stop in and help with Bingo or participate in sing-a-longs with residents or be involved in any way - we will.  

When it comes to staffing, we all benefit from having a live person available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the last minute call-ins and ever changing schedules and questions that pop up during the evening and early morning hours.   Our online scheduling application notifies several key staff when an alert is prompted for a shift change or short notice call-in from a facility.

Our Staff all wear the same clean, recognizable uniforms with their names and titles embroidered on their uniform.   This helps make them easily identifiable and makes it more comfortable for clients to get to know them on a first name basis, just like family.

We encourage input from our clients in regards to staff etiquette and attentiveness to their facility. Our staff goes through an extensive interview process including background checks and drug tests but as a staffing company we rely on our clients to give us feedback in the event they are not happy with a certain staff member. Our employees follow a written handbook and while very rare, we do follow through with any disciplinary actions if they arise.  We do receive many more Employee of the Month nominations than we do issues with our staff.  You can find the Employee of the Month Nomination Online form on our website.

Seems we are pretty great. We don’t want to tell you we will NEVER have call-ins, NEVER have a tardy staff member and can ALWAYS fill your needs. We can tell you, we have very few issues with any of the above mentioned and ALWAYS try our best to accommodate your needs. We do not take on more Facilities then we can staff because we are much more than just "temp staff" when we are contracted with a Facility.

We offer discounted rates to Facilities with our payment options and focus first on keeping costs down for everyone.  However we also recognize that when nurses are needed we will get them there promptly then continue to follow up on and make adjustments to keep your costs inline.

We thank you for your business and we look forward to a long business partner relationship for years to come. 

Holly Brown